Holiday Programme


We have different stories for each age group to engage and interest them. The children will have lots of fun through theatrical adaptations of their favourite fairy tales, getting themselves involved in hands-on making of their own props. The interactive activities and games will definitely help the children improve their communication skills in speech and body co-ordination.
At the end of the camp, the children will come together to present their own creative versions of fairy tales before a supportive audience -their parents!


THEMATIC CAMP (English/Chinese)

This enrichment camp is specially created for children to experience learning through creative and exciting themed concepts. Each Thematic Camp involves many hands-on crafts, rhymes, songs and games, and activities that trigger their cognitive and creative thinking. We can customise a theme to provide a unique experience for the children, or provide popular theme options such as “I Am A Chef” and “At The Circus”. Under the expert guidance of our teachers, the children will explore a world of creativity and fun, to increase their knowledge and develop their abilities in a holistic manner.



We have specially designed a Chinese Culture Camp that children will love. This holiday enrichment camp aims to ensure that participating children have an enjoyable, fun-filled and meaningful school holiday experience. In order to develop children’s interest in Chinese language learning and broaden their horizon in the understanding of Chinese culture, this programme covers creative performances, art & craft, activity games and more, with emphasis on cultural aspects.